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Chevrolet Orlando

A large MPV, comfortable and rugged image.

Orlando, Fla., is a destination for leisure, fun and relaxation for families and groups of friends. Chevrolet has chosen this name for his first European MPV vehicle with the intention that the relationship was holiday spirit. It is a medium sized MPV 7 seater, with a length of 4.65 meters, a width of 1.84 m and a height of 1.63 m. Wheelbase or battle reaches 2.76 meters and weight is slightly more than a ton and a half.

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New Chevrolet Orlando MPV 7 seater with a very attractive price

The Chevrolet Orlando is already on sale in Spain: a 7-seater minivan and mid-size technology and mechanical c I tested, that will not disappoint for its attractive price. Functional and spacious, this minivan is a good option for large families or those who need space for leisure or work. The American brand has introduced this year in the national market l the new Chevrolet Orlando, a 7-seater MPV of medium size. This new model has been designed to be useful and practical, proven technology and a mechanical failsafe.

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The Red image of the new Chevrolet Orlando

Coinciding with the presence of the Spanish team in the Football City of Las Rozas, Chevrolet has rolled with Iniesta, Queen, Llorente, Capdevila and Albiol, the advertising campaign of the new Orlando, the first seven-seat minivan brand. The players have lent her image to highlight the virtues of the model: strong, versatile and family.

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Chevrolet Orlando First Video

Today we present one of the first video on the net about the new Chevrolet Orlando, we can see the exterior and interior design of the car.

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Chevrolet Orlando Prices

Get to market the new Chevrolet Orlando, a minivan with a capacity for 7 people.

Orlando new price comes with some very interesting that we detail below, a fairly complete range.

For Spain, the Chevrolet Orlando will be available in three engines, two diesel and one petrol.


  • 140 hp 1.8 LT: 20,030 euros
  • 140 hp 1.8 LT +: 21,030 euros
  • 140 hp 1.8 LTZ: 22,665 euros


  • 131 HP 2.0 LT: 21,150 euros
  • 131 HP 2.0 LT +: 22,150 euros
  • 163 hp 2.0 LTZ: 24,700 euros
  • 163 hp 2.0 AUT. LTZ: 25,800 euros

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