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Exterior Photos 2012 Chevrolet Orlando

We present a small collection of images of the exterior of the updated Chevrolet Orlando in 2012, as a curiosity commentators, who are looking for the actual sketches of this new version:).

The news for next year will be more engine and appearance accessories.

  • Inclusion of bi-fuel version of petrol / gas liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).
  • Six-speed automatic transmission

What do you think this new update? Now if with current photos ...

Exterior 2012 (7 images)

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Chevrolet Orlando Interior Photos

Today we bring you the first pictures of the interior of the new Chevrolet Orlando and as you can see plain to see the first details such as radio, connect to your iPod and air conditioning.

We hope you like and you can comment in the forum what you think of the photos.

interior (14 images)

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Chevrolet Orlando First Look

Today we begin officially Chvrolet Club Orlando. Little by little we will fill the web for news, videos, images and analysis that we find online and in turn we will create a great family environment to the forum. I hope you like it and you feel comfortable within the club!

Well, what better way to start the web with the first pictures of this car, whose production in October at the General Motors factories in South Korea, and the car's launch in Europe is planned for early 2011.

primeras imagenes (5 images)

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