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Chevrolet Orlando LTZ 2.0 Diesel 163 hp MT

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A Chevrolet every 7.4 seconds

Chevrolet is one of those legendary brand that has overcome the barrier of 100 years of history. An American company, part of the General Motors group, which has now become a global company that sold nearly 5 million units per year.

Its founder was Louis Chevrolet, a Swiss citizen who emigrated to the United States in order to find a hole in the scene of the car. And all though he was born in the cradle of the world watches in La Chaud-de Fonds.

From a very young man was struck by the automotive world and one day he met Williams Vanderbilt and after a lively conversation he proposed American travel to the U.S. where a fledgling automotive industry and jobs for young people wanting to work . And he left.

First competed and won many racing and soon William Durant, who had founded Buick and General Motors in 1908, is associated with it to create a brand new car. This created Chevrolet and the first model that came out of the factory was the Classic Six, a car with 6 cylinder engine of 4.9 liters.

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European Car of the Year: Nominees Revealed 35! The Chevrolet Orlando among them.

Car of the Year recognition in Europe is an award that represents the best in the industry on this continent, why is highly coveted for product manufacturers a high level of prestige. Unlike previous editions, for the 2012 version will reveal the winner on March 5th, just a day before the opening of the Auto Show or the Geneva Motor Show.

To hold the attention of the specialized media and fans, has released a list of 35 candidates, of which the finalists will next January. The winner will be chosen by a total of 59 journalists and 23 specialized automotive media.

What was the winner of the previous edition? In the 2011 edition, the winner was the Nissan electric LEAF

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