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2.0 VDCI Chevrolet Orlando: Will you be different?

The first thing you should draw the attention of the Chevrolet Orlando is its price. More than that when they follow (and will) with the introductory offer of 1,500 euro discount. None of his rivals, for the same engine, it costs less. Furthermore, for the 22,150 euro (price promotion) that asks for your Orlando Chevrolet VCDI of 131 + hp and LT trim series have seven seats, rear parking sensor, steering wheel controls, USB port and air conditioning.

That's a lot, especially when I say that in a Grand Ford C-Max, for example, have to pay separately the two extra seats. Anyway, it is fair to say that Orlando is far from its competition when compared in technology and options: no blind spot detectors, attendees who park automatically prompts involuntary lane changes, cameras or even a simple bi-xenon headlights .

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